NEW SITE! De Chiel Firearms WordPress Website Design (example: $397 WordPress Special)

WordPress website design for De Chiel Firearms. De Chiel Firearms is a San Diego-based Discount firearms dealer who needed a great site design solution on a budget…a PERFECT candidate for a WordPress solution. This project included NO graphic or logo design. (Though I did use a header banner I created using a photo of the owner’s beloved Douglas A-1 “Spad” airplane…a craft he lovingly flew in his service days along with a photo of an aged rendition of his family’s crest. So a LITTLE design, though I didn’t really charge for it.)

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Like many other small business sites, De Chiel original/former site was built years ago using Microsoft FrontPage, a popular tool with “do-it-yourselfers” who want to save a few bucks (usually at the expense of good design, customer traffic and cash-flow!). Problem is, MS FrontPage was discontinued as a software package in 2003 and Microsoft stopped supporting it in 2005. FrontPage is EXTREMELY proprietary (as is Microsoft) and there are a lot of aging sites out there doing a poor job of conveying their owner’s products and services. WordPress website ($397 WordPress Special)

OLD BEFORE $397 WordPress Special

OLD BEFORE $397 WordPress Special


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