Frustrated With Your Website?
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Great for DIY’ers! Not Just A Website, But A
Turn-Key Small Business Marketing Solution


Here’s The Thing: You Should Spend Your Time On Your Business, Not Struggling To Learn Web Design!

So many of our clients come to us after suffering frustration trying to build their own site, or perhaps working with a web designer with no real understanding of marketing strategy. That’s why we put together this great marketing product to give DIY’ers the cost savings while providing tons of guidance.

We build the great site and then train YOU how to use it well to manage your content…along with email marketing, social media and more…the things you ought to be doing to ensure that traffic is getting to your website once it is built. You still get to save money, but YOU’RE UP TO SPEED SO MUCH FASTER! And you’re not alone.

Your job is to spend time getting better at what you do and serving your clients better. Remember this: effective website design includes a LOT of disciplines: marketing analysis & planning, graphic design, sales funnels, layout, navigation design and much more. It’s not just basic information and pretty pictures.

  • Advanced Marketing Analysis, Planning & A Plan You Can Follow

Most website developers (and NO DIY tools) do the footwork to ask the important questions to understand your business and goals…we do. We also look at your industry and the successful players in that industry so your website can emulate what works…to win, follow the winners. And, you need to know what to do AFTER the site launches to keep the site relevant and attracting visitors, so we tailor a maintenance and marketing plan you can follow.

  • Social Media Review & Planning

The focal point of your marketing strategy is your website, serving as the central hub. Meanwhile, platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram act as channels or “spokes,” guiding traffic towards your website. As a key part of this system, we review your social media accounts and ensure that your branding and message is consistent in order to create a steady reinforcement of what makes your business special and unique.

  • An Effective Website That Looks Great

We start by making sure your website is safe and secure…automatically backing up for your peace of mind. A great, modern WordPress website that is responsive for multi-platform effectiveness. That uses best SEO practices and includes a powerful SEO tool so you can influence the search engines in order to maximize your ranking online.

  • 1-on-1 Training & Coaching So You’re Competent and Confident…You’re Not Alone

We don’t abandon you when your site is built. We train you to perform the tasks needed to keep your site relevant and bringing in traffic. We remain available for ongoing coaching so you can reinforce your training and ask questions…no additional charge.

“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.”
Tony Robbins

Here’s What Clients Are Saying

Top San Diego Wedding Venue

“We now have a much more effective website and our annual income has increased by as much as 50% since the new website launched.” *

Mike Strong, Pres., La Jolla Cove Bridge Club

Leading Wedding Entertainer

“Edward is a WordPress expert and he also has a lot of good marketing tips. I highly recommend him and his company! I’ve done business off and on with Brass Ring Web Design since 2011. I’ve always found [him] to be courteous, helpful, professional, and knowledgeable.” *

Bill Calhoun – Wedding DJ

Rotary Club Social Philanthropy

“Before Edward’s involvement, our existing site was archaic, unattractive and much overlooked by our members, potential members, the community and even Google…[he] has created a very attractive, appealing, effective and relevant new website for us…” *

Ron J. Jones, Pres., Rotary Club of La Jolla

Helping A Former DIY’er

“I tried making my own websites and the results were not what I wanted. Brass Ring Web Design took my content, elaborated and made an excellent site. With their SEO skills my site was on the first page of a Google search within a very short time. They have an eye for what works and the know how to get you results. Thank you.!” *

David Pratson, True Source Enterprises

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”
– Jeff Bezos

WordPress: The Leading Content Management System (CMS)

  • Brass Ring Has Specialized In WordPress Since 2009

WordPress powers more than 43% of the web — a figure that rises every day. Everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites, and even applications, are built with WordPress. It combines simplicity for users and publishers with under-the-hood complexity for developers. This makes it flexible while still being easy-to-use.

  • WordPress Keeps Your Ongoing Costs Really Low

Routine changes no longer have to be paid for. You can easily log in to your WordPress website from any internet connection and make changes as you need. WordPress is “open source” doesn’t charge you software licensing, so you can afford to always keep WordPress updated.

  • WordPress Has More Apps and Products

Being open-source, thousands and thousands of developers create great products…many of them free or inexpensive…that can be added to your website in order to enjoy a wide range of functions and features.

“Content marketing is the only marketing left.”
Seth Godin


What Makes Us Different From Others?

Marketing Planning

Unlike most developers, we get to know your goals and your business…what makes it special and unique. We study your competition to help you emulate the winners in your industry.


Brass Ring’s primary mission is to help small businesses grow in a competitive online world while empowering them to use their website well.


Building websites since 1998 and WordPress Specialists since 2009 allows you to bridge the gap between awesome, free technology and a great website.


As so many DIY’ers have learned painfully…a free tool is no guarantee of an effective website. We include 1-on-1 training & coaching so you can be a SUCCESSFUL DIY’er.


Our 150 step building process ensures your website is safe, secure, SEO friendly and moves your visitors to act in support of your website goals.


Our 60 day warranty makes sure your website continues to operate as designed while we train and coach you so you don’t have to worry about maintenance issues.

Tailored Training & Coaching Included
Makes Us Different..You’re Not Alone!

What Should You Expect?

A thorough needs and marketing analysis means your website has the right messaging for your ideal client and audiences. It also generates a tailored plan we help you learn to follow.

  • Based on your skills, resources and willingness, your plan is tailored to be doable…by you, or your staff
  • Training means you learn the tasks need to follow your plan
  • Use it or lose it. Coaching supports your training and offers guidance should you have questions or need additional help.
Triumphant female business owner with laptop (image)
Vintage photograph of young girl grabbing for the brass ring, hoping for a free ride! (image)

The tradition of the brass ring, a term now synonymous with spectacular achievement, dates back to the 1800s when rings were hung on carousels to pose a fun challenge for riders. Successfully grabbing a ring while riding the carousel often earned riders prizes, possibly including an additional free ride. Most rings were made of iron, but a few were made of brass, so “grabbing the brass ring” was a coveted and celebrated treat.



If your business website is pretty (or pretty ugly), but ineffective, let’s face it, you’re wasting time, money and passing up opportunities for new clients.

Sign up for a complimentary 30-minute consultation or website audit. Find out how our website build process, training & coaching help you raise your online marketing to a new level!

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People do not buy things for what they are; they buy things for what they do
Dan Kennedy

Safety And Security Features Built In For Your Peace Of Mind

Every website build process should include the ongoing health & hygiene of the site. That starts with making sure you'[ll be using a reputable web hosting company and that measures are in place to back the website up, encrypt client data and also protect it against hackers and spammers.

  • Guidance in choosing suitable web hosting
  • Help with establishing SSL data protection (encryption)
  • Automatic site backups with restore capabilities
  • Web application firewall that identifies & blocks malicious traffic

“”No” is a request for more information.”
Damon John (Shark Tank)

You Are So Close To Making A Huge Difference
In Your Success Online!

Our Process – The Brass Ring Difference


Getting To Know Your Business Goals

We ask important questions and do thorough research so we understand your business and goals. We get to know what makes your business special and unique so we effectively target your ideal client. We also get to know your industry and your competition so your website is a force to be reckoned with in your market.


We Smooth Out the Bumps

There are a lot of considerations in crafting an effective website and marketing. Some of these can be pretty technical and yet critically important to your website’s success.
We guide you and explain decisions on web hosting, domain (URL) selection and search engine considerations, just to name a few.


Careful Planning

We identify your ideal client and craft your navigation, layout and conversion strategies to attract visitor traffic and turn those visitors into clients or prospects down the road.

And no more flying blind! We’ll build in advanced SEO and analytics tools plus we’ll make sure you know what you’re doing as you monitor visitor traffic.


A Workable Marketing Plan

Your new website will be a powerful marketing tool. Tailor-made also includes making sure you have a plan; a reality-based strategy that works for you…to make sure your marketing attracts traffic and remains relevant, yet is realistic to your schedule and resources.


Advanced Security

We identify your ideal client and craft your navigation, layout and conversion strategies to attract visitor traffic and turn those visitors into clients or prospects down the road.

And no more flying blind! We’ll build in advanced SEO and analytics tools plus we’ll make sure you know what you’re doing as you monitor visitor traffic.


When It’s Ready…LAUNCH!

When your styling looks great, your content is in place, your functions and features are up and running, we’ve helped you create a workable ongoing plan…when you give the ok, we take your site live!


Training Makes You Capable

Our mission is to empower your marketing. 1-on-1 training means you don’t have to sweat over the nuts & bols and can focus on growing your business.

We teach you to use your brand new website confidently towards your goals.


Coaching Keeps You On Track

We provide you with ongoing coaching at no additional cost to make sure that you are truly able to use what you’ve learned.

Reinforcing your training helps you use your website as the powerful marketing tool it is.

“While it was not my intent to increase my business through the development of a new web page, that has none the less been the result…”

Mitch Dashiell, USN Ret’d, FFL, DeChiel Firearms

The results have been most pleasing to me and beneficial to me and my customers. I immediately received numerous compliments from past customers on the new web page…While it was not my intent to increase my business through the development of a new web page, that has none the less been a result. It is much easier for both me and my customer to transact business and communicate in a timely manner…My only regret is that I waited as long as I did before having a professional develop a web page for me. Edward made the experience painless, inexpensive and rewarding.

Imagine This Day: Your New Website Is Live
And You’re In Charge!

Your new website is live. It looks great with a clean, modern look and great visuals. It catches the eye and entices visitors to engage with you. It presents your brand with strength and appeal. It gives your audience(s) intuitive navigation choices so they can easily find the information they need and your products and services are presented in their best light along with your best sales pitches. It also spotlights that which you most want to promote. It tells your business’ story and presents your and your team’s experience and expertise to build authority, credibility and trustworthiness. It presents rave reviews from clients along with case studies to show you are the best choice for what they seek. It makes it easy for visitors to buy or connect with you to initiate sales. It’s also built to encourage visitors not yet ready to buy to provide their email addresses so you can stay in touch!

Your new website is a strong marketing hub using the best web software going…WordPress! You’ve also got those “spokes” in place that direct traffic to your website. Best SEO practices means it’s strong in terms of its capability of attracting organic traffic. And…you’ve got a plan to regularly add content to keep your visitors and the search engines happy. You can also post to your social media accounts (which are beautifully branded with strong visuals and messaging) directly from your website! These accounts do a great job directing your online followers to your website so you can sell to them best.

And, maybe best of all, you’ve got automations and tactics in place to save you time so you can spend it on the things that matter to you. Your family, your friends, your passions and, of course, becoming better at your business!

That’s Not All! Here’s Some More Valuable Marketing Resources We’re Including

  • Bonus 1: FREE Branding Review

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Not having one means not having an identity which makes your online marketing an uphill battle. Assessing yours involves assessing various elements to ensure that they effectively communicate the desired message and resonate with the target audience. We’ll make sure that your mission and vision are clearly articulated and aligned with your values.

FREE Branding Review (image: 2022-2023 brands)
Customer Reviews (image)
  • Bonus 2: FREE Online Review Assessment

95% of your potential clients use reviews to determine who they will choose to trust with their business and most consumers look at more than one review site before making a buying decision. We perform a service that checks for reviews you didn’t know you had. We will run this check on your brand at no additional charge. Your online reputation can make a tremendous impact on your income.

  • Bonus 3: 50 FREE High Quality Images

Nothing catches the eye like high-quality photography and illustration. It super-charges your website by adding color, excitement, fun and drama to your marketing in a way that compels visitors and helps engage them with your content.

Toadstool (toad with mushroom cap on his head, image)

60-day Warranty

For your peace-of-mind and to ensure you can focus your time on implementing your marketing plan with your training & coaching, we stand behind our work and take care of any maintenance while ensuring the site continues to operate smoothly as designed.

  • We take care of updates to WordPress, your website’s theme and plugins
  • We monitor the website’s performance, ensure backups are operating correctly and monitor for downtime
  • We monitor the security firewall to make sure it’s doing its job keeping your site safe from hackers and spammers
60-day warranty badge (image)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why shouldn’t I just build my own website or hire the cheapest developer?

Ans: Well, it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, but let’s think about what you really need. Building a website isn’t just about putting some code together; it’s about crafting a digital presence that works for you. A cheap developer might cut corners, skipping important steps like understanding your industry, analyzing your competitors, and planning for your site’s long-term success. We believe that success comes from careful consideration and strategy.

Creating a professional website involves a lot of moving parts: design, coding, user experience, and thorough testing, just to name a few. Our team follows a meticulous 150-step checklist to ensure that your site not only looks great but also functions flawlessly and stays secure.

We’ve been in the web design game for quite a while now, honing our skills since 1998 and specializing in WordPress since 2009. Our track record speaks for itself, with awards and satisfied clients to vouch for our expertise. While we may not be the cheapest option out there, we strive to offer small businesses like yours exceptional value for your investment.

Q. How long will it take me to get to the “first page of Google?

Ans: If anyone promises to shoot you straight to the first page of Google, it’s a red flag. Reputable web pros steer clear of such claims because, truth be told, Google has a plethora of “first pages” depending on what users search for.

The journey to the top varies based on factors like competition, the quality of your website, and your industry. Generally, it takes several months to even over a year to see significant results.

But don’t fret! Consistently optimizing your site, creating quality content, and sticking to SEO best practices are your ticket to long-term success in climbing Google’s rankings. In the meantime, it’s smart to explore non-organic methods to drive traffic to your site, and hey, we’re here to lend a hand with that!

Q. How long will it take to build my website?

Ans: Building your website is a collaborative effort, and it’s important to recognize that various factors come into play, some of which are beyond our complete control. That said, a typical website project usually spans about 4 to 6 weeks from the moment we start to the grand launch.

Q. What is a case study and why should I have them on my website?

Ans: A case study is like a spotlight on a particular project, where we delve into the challenges encountered, the solutions implemented, and the outcomes achieved. It’s a powerful tool for showcasing our experience, expertise, problem-solving abilities, and how our decisions positively impacted our clients.

However, it’s important to keep it concise and easy to digest. Visitors prefer quick access to information, so we aim for a presentation that they can scan through swiftly. That’s where top-notch web design really shines!


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