About Brass Ring

BRASS RING CORE VALUES: Integrity, Value, Self-improvement, Win/Win,  Courage, Excellence

Our Mission

Our primary purpose is to help small businesses grow in a competitive online world. We do that by building a great, modern website, crafting a tailored marketing plan and providing great tools for leveraging time!

What Makes Us Unique

  • Our websites are not proprietary…no more being held hostage
    …by a developer, software or hosting. We simply won’t put you in that position or play that game.
  • We empower our clients manage their content marketing effectively
    …our projects always include 1-on-1 service, training & coaching.
  • We never outsource work overseas
    (no strangers you can’t reach and who don’t understand you). Brass Ring is based in Southern California. We only team with local talented professionals we can trust.
  • We empower our clients with great technology
    …we specialize in WordPress…our websites are easy to manage and maintain. We also train great tools to help you leverage your time efficiently.
  • We don’t charge an arm and a leg.
    Our pricing is small-business friendly. We include tremendous value and craft our websites to pay for themselves as quickly as possible.

Our Founder

“After D.I.Y., I’m your guy”

Edward A. Sanchez, Internet Guide, WordPress Specialist/Trainer/Coach

Edward A. Sanchez, CXO

Edward is the founder and driving force behind Brass Ring Web Design.  Designing and building websites since 1998 and studying and working in small business since the 80s enables him to empower our clients with the tools needed to become and remain competitive in today’s online world.

    “My role today as a website developer is result of my life path as Dad, businessman, musician, DJ-entertainer, photographer, manager, computer enthusiast…I’ve worn many hats.”
    “We lost my wife in a car accident in 2000 and I was left a single Dad to a 5 year old daughter. I’ve struggled over the years with the important balance between being a good Dad and being a small business owner. I understand that small business ownership is most often about setting priorities and making sure that you use your time well for business and family…because we can’t forget to have a life on our way to successful business.
    “Having gotten my multimedia certification in 1998, I was drawn to the world of website design by the opportunity to combine business, marketing, great imagery and even sound into a creative process that helped businesses succeed.” 
    “Initially, as many developers still do, I was solely involved in building websites and once the site was launched, I was off on my merry way without enough thought to what happened next. I was there to charge a fee for changes & updates, but not much more. A friend , a very successful marketer, encouraged me in 2009 to enter the wonderful world of WordPress website design. Though I resisted at first, I soon realized that the WordPress CMS supercharged my ability to offer my clients great functionality and styling while also giving me the chance to empower them to manage their own content and become marketers, not just website owners.”
    “Training and coaching is always included with our websites. At first, I simply showed WordPress clients how to use the platform to manage content. As time went on, I began to focus more and more on not just the “how to do” WordPress, but on the “what to do” with this incredibly powerful tool. My goal every time is to ensure my client is competent and capable to handle their content and marketing tasks easily. I make sure they have a plan and can follow that plan to grow their online business.”
    “At first, I made sure to take time to train every WordPress clients so they could manage their own content. As time went on, I’ve added more and more value. Fundamentally, every project is guided by the principle of win/win. Watching successful people I admire inspired me to adopt another guiding principle for Brass Ring…the concept of “always try to give more than you’re paid for.” 
    Edward has won consecutive Readers Choice Best Web Design Awards from La Jolla’s Village News for 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

(Additional bio notes: Born in Manhattan, New York on 9/11, Edward grew up and still lives in La Jolla, California where he has raised his daughter and serves clients throughout Southern California.)

Brass Ring Partners & Allies

Brass Ring has team members and alliances specializing in marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, payment processing and even wellness experts plus a number of other resources to help your business succeed. We can help you take your business to the next level!

Are you an excellent web professional or marketer?
Think you’d be a great fit on our team?
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