Our Process – The Brass Ring Difference

We create an effective, modern website along with a practical marketing plan to attract and convert visitors into customers so you grow your business.


Getting To Know
Your Business Goals

We ask important questions and do thorough research so we understand your business and goals. We get to know what makes your business special and unique so we effectively target your ideal client. We also get to know your industry and your competition so your website is a force to be reckoned with in your market.


We Smooth
Out the Bumps

There are a lot of considerations in crafting an effective website and marketing. Some of these can be pretty technical and yet critically important to your website’s success.

We guide you and explain decisions on web hosting, domain (URL) selection and search engine considerations, just to name a few.



We identify your ideal client and craft your navigation, layout and conversion strategies to attract visitor traffic and turn those visitors into clients or prospects down the road.

And no more flying blind!  We’ll build in advanced SEO and analytics tools plus we’ll make sure you know what you’re doing as you monitor visitor traffic.


A Workable
Marketing Plan

You new website will be a powerful marketing tool. Tailor-made also includes making sure you have a plan; a reality-based strategy that works for you…to make sure your marketing attracts traffic and remains relevant, yet is realistic to your schedule and resources.


Ensure Your
Peace of Mind

We secure your website with enhanced security features, automated back-up and protection against spam. 

Spammers, hackers and even Murphy’s Law are always at work and your website can be vulnerable if no one is looking out for you.


When It’s

When your styling looks great, your content is in place, your functions and features are up and running, we’ve helped you create a workable ongoing plan…when you give the ok, we take your site live!


Training Makes
You Capable

Our mission is to empower your marketing. 1-on-1 training means you don’t have to sweat over the nuts & bols and can focus on growing your business.

We teach you to use your brand new website confidently.


Coaching Keeps
You On Track

We provide you with ongoing coaching at no additional cost to make sure that you are truly able to use what you’ve learned.

Reinforcing your training helps you use your website as the powerful marketing tool it is.