17 Fixes For Why Your Website Isn’t Performing

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I’ve now taken the procedure I follow in reviewing sites and converted it into a tool…available free…to help small business owners to improve their online presence by diagnosing and fixing some of the most common website fails.

For some time now, I’ve been performing website audits for business clients in order to help them determine whether they’re getting full value from their website investment. Brass Ring Web Design’s ideal client, as a matter of fact is the small business who has determined, after some time, or, if fortunate, in advance, that there are significant limitations to the effectiveness of DIY websites.

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These, of course, are very popular due to the preponderance of supposedly “FREE” tools (often far from it) available to the person needing or wanting a website, ESPECIALLY those who simply want to click the box “I Have A Website” with little consideration past that. This can be tremendously short-sighted and many business leave money on the table for this.

By Edward A. Sanchez, Web Consultant, Brass Ring Web Design

80% Of Websites Aren’t Effective

The statement “80% of websites aren’t effective” highlights a widespread issue in the world of web development and digital marketing. While the specific percentage may vary depending on the source and methodology of the study, the underlying message is that a significant portion of websites fail to achieve their intended goals and objectives.

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Beauty Is Skin Deep

UNFORTUNATELY, functional and visually appealing is a relatively small part of the marketing effectiveness of a website. Hobbyist and personal websites aren’t really the focus of this article nor is it the purpose of Brass Ring Web Design. In terms of priority, service of the visitor is first and yet, the goals of the business are a close second. As always, the win/win scenario is best.

Does DIY Deliver?

  • Technical Skills:
    DIY website builders and platforms have made it easier for individuals with limited technical skills to create websites. If you have some experience with website design, graphic design, or basic coding, you may be able to create a functional and visually appealing website.
  • Time Commitment:
    Building a website, even with user-friendly DIY tools, can be time-consuming. Consider whether you have the time to invest in learning the platform, designing the site, and maintaining it regularly. The prevailing philosophy at Brass Ring Web Design is this: “YOUR job is to get better at what you do, including growing your business…OUR job is to help you do that. The alternative is for you to neglect your job and try to do our job…which usually has poor results.
  • Design Requirements:
    The complexity of your website’s design and functionality needs plays a significant role. DIY platforms are suitable for relatively simple websites, such as personal blogs, small business sites, or portfolio websites. If you require advanced features or custom development, a professional may be more appropriate.
  • SEO and Performance: Achieving strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and optimal performance can be challenging with DIY websites. Professional web designers and developers have the expertise to optimize websites for speed, SEO, and responsiveness, which can be crucial for online success. A pretty website that gets no or little traffic and then doesn’t convert visitors into clients is without purpose.
  • Scalability:
    If you plan for your website to grow over time, consider whether the DIY platform can accommodate future expansion and features. Some platforms may limit your ability to scale your website.
  • Do You Get To Own Your Own Content?
    One of the major obstacles people face using one of the numerous “FREE” website builders isn’t apparent at first…when you first start using it to build your site. This is whether or not you are able to migrate your content easily should you find the inevitable shortfalls of these platforms. Brass Ring Web Design have specialized in WordPress website design, BY FAR, the dominant CMS (Content Management System) accounting for some 43% of websites on the internet today.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility (CMS)

  • Mobile Responsiveness: Given the prevalence of mobile device usage, designers have a responsibility to ensure that websites are responsive and perform well on various screen sizes and devices.
  • User Experience: With the power to design a website comes the responsibility to prioritize user experience. A well-designed website should be intuitive, easy to navigate, and provide value to its visitors. Website designers must consider the needs and expectations of users, ensuring that the website serves them effectively.
  • Accessibility: Websites have the power to reach a global audience, including people with disabilities. Designers have a responsibility to create websites that are accessible to all users, regardless of their physical abilities. This means adhering to accessibility standards and making sure content is perceivable, operable, and understandable for everyone.
  • Security: Websites can collect and store sensitive user data. Designers and developers have a responsibility to prioritize security measures to protect this data from breaches and cyberattacks. Implementing encryption, robust authentication, and regular security audits are essential components of responsible website design.
  • Performance: A well-designed website should load quickly and efficiently. Slow-loading websites can frustrate users and deter them from engaging with the content. Designers are responsible for optimizing images, code, and server configurations to ensure a fast and responsive user experience..
  • Compliance: Websites must adhere to legal and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR for data privacy or WCAG for accessibility. Designers have a responsibility to be aware of these standards and ensure the website complies with relevant laws and guidelines.

Health & Hygiene Is Critical

  • Security:
    Protect your website and user data by regularly updating software, plugins, and themes. Implement SSL certificates for secure data transmission and regularly monitor for potential security vulnerabilities or breaches.
  • Browser Compatibility:
    Test your website across various web browsers to ensure it functions correctly and looks consistent across different platforms.
  • Backup and Recovery:
    Regularly back up your website’s data and have a disaster recovery plan in place to quickly restore your site in case of data loss or technical issues.
  • Support and Maintenance:
    Consider whether you’re comfortable with handling ongoing maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting. DIY websites may require more hands-on maintenance compared to professionally designed websites. At Brass Ring Web Design, we start with ensuring the health, hygiene and security of your website…at launch and in its ongoing life.


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When Brass Ring Web Design builds a website, we also work with you to tailor a workable plan to keep your site relevant and attracting traffic. A realistic plan based on your life, abilities and resources. We train and coach you to make sure. Let’s talk about it. We’re always here to help…thank you!

Edward A. Sanchez

Edward A. Sanchez

Founder of Brass Ring Web Design
Web Consultant, Digital Entrepreneur, WordPress Specialist/Trainer/Coach

Chat GPT

Getting me to actually create articles is a lot like pulling teeth. Further, full-disclosure, my initial stance towards A.I., and I’ll stand by this, is that our species does have a tendency towards running before we can walk, with often globally dire circumstances resulting from more than a few of these slippery slopes we dash onto.

That being said, I’ve found A.I. tools to be remarkably useful in fleshing out the concepts and talking points already residing in my head. I am grateful for the availability of ChatGPT as I crafted this article with the express purpose of posting this useful toolkit, a “lead magnet” for Brass Ring Web Design.

You’ll find this useful tool HERE on Open AI’s website.

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