Case Study: La Jolla Wedding Venue


One of the most beautiful spots in San Diego is our “gem,” the La Jolla Cove. Sitting atop this scenic location is the La Jolla Bridge Club which has existed since 1932.

A significant part of the Club’s income comes from renting their facilities out for weddings, special events and community activities.

The Situation

The Club encountered revenue challenges primarily because its website failed to adequately showcase the club’s appeal. It was ineffective, unattractive, and difficult for club leadership to manage. Moreover, it lacked any branding elements, including a basic logo.

Challenges Involved

Obtaining or generating additional content beyond what was already on the website proved challenging due to the limited availability of knowledgeable leaders and members.

The Solution – How We Helped

Working within the constraints of the not-for-profit club’s limited budget, we overhauled the Club’s content and launched a new WordPress website. Additionally, Brass Ring extensively researched the club’s history, including a visit to the La Jolla Historical Society, and explored the game of bridge to create engaging and informative content. We also created a fun, colorful logo to give distinctive visual appeal.

This initiative aimed to spotlight the club’s scenic locale, charming facilities and rich history, all geared towards crafting a captivating and effective website to boost revenue, attract new members and encourage participation in bridge activities. To ensure sustained success, training and coaching were incorporated into the project, in order to empower staff to manage the site effectively, draw traffic, and provide exceptional service to their clientele.


The resultant website has drawn a significant surge in visitor traffic and bolstered members’ pride in “their website.” Within just a few months, the club president noted a remarkable 50% boost in club revenue attributable to this transformation.

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