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WordPress 6.3: A More Intuitive Way Of Working On Your Site

Wordpress 6.3: A More Intuitive Way Of Working On Your Site

This week, WordPress 6.3 was released! And this is definitely an update you want to check out. It comes with a renewed site editor, lots of new design options, and improvements in terms of performance and accessibility. Especially the updated site editor got us excited, it makes working on your website a breeze! In this post, we’ve listed the highlights of this week’s release that you will definitely want to know more about! (Read on…)

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SEO: “How to Yoast Your Post”

SEO: "How to Yoast Your Post"

Do you want your articles to be as well optimized as possible? Do you aim for that number 1 position in the search results? And do you madly chase traffic and clicks? It’s not easy to achieve all these things entirely on your own, but luckily, Yoast is here to help. In this post, we’ll talk you to the process of optimizing your post in the best possible way. We’ll explain the five steps on how to Yoast your post. (Read on…)

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