WordPress Web Help Group Hits 1000 Member Milestone!

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Whether you’re just starting out with WordPress or consider yourself a seasoned pro, don’t hesitate to join us and contribute to the conversation.

WordPress Web Help Meetup Group (laptop w Zoom grid & WordPress logo image)

Well…we’ve hit a pretty significant milestone. The WordPress Web Help Meetup Group just hit 1000 members! I want to thank all who’ve joined over the years and especially the core group of members who show up to answer questions and help those further back on the learning curve to get up to speed with this truly cool marketing platform.

Thanks for reading this post and Brass Ring also thanks those whose content is shared here on our website. We present it in order to pass on their knowledge to our small business clients so it can help them remain informed, healthy and growing their businesses. Please bookmark our site, subscribe to our newsletter and come back for more marketing, small business & WordPress tips, advice, tools & news! - Edward A. Sanchez

By Edward A. Sanchez, Brass Ring Web Design

Currently, we meet on the second Monday at 6pm PST to answer your questions and help resolve issues having to do with your WordPress website. RSVP and join us. Bring your questions and issues. Meantime, as always, if you have an urgent need, feel free to contact me at Brass Ring Web Design. You can also request a complimentary 30 minute consultation (no obligation) and I’ll try to help you with your issues.

How’d We Get Here?

What are we about? Well…do you have a WordPress question, problem, or challenge? Or perhaps you’re an expert eager to share your knowledge and experience? Mastering WordPress can significantly elevate your online presence, making it one of the most crucial skills to develop in digital marketing. We meet monthly (for now) on Zoom to help answer questions and resolve issues having to do with the most popular content management system there is…WordPress!

Our group welcomes individuals of all experience levels. Whether you’re just starting out or consider yourself a seasoned pro, don’t hesitate to join us and contribute to the conversation. We believe everyone has something valuable to offer and can benefit from the collective wisdom of the group.

JOIN US! We’d love for you to RSVP and join us for an engaging discussion.

So…the Pandemic (ominous music)…it changed all our lives. One of the things that suffered multiple blows is the social media platform Meetup. Created in 2002, it’s an online place that hosts activities, gatherings and events for people who seek to connect with like-minded individuals and communities who share interests. From hiking to hot yoga to hip hop…there’s a Meetup group for everybody. And you can search by your area and see what’s going on.

Now…PRIOR to COVID, many if not most of these groups met in-person. Perhaps a sunset hike at a scenic location or a singles mixer at a cool place to enjoy a tantalizing selection of cocktail drinks and appetizers. Regardless, we met in person. Pandemic changed all that. It thrust the online video communication platform Zoom into prominence…where it seems to remain.

I Become Organizer of WordPress Web Help

How did I get involved with this group? I actually joined in 2014 and yet wasn’t active until I decided to reengage with the world after a troubling few years locked down and generally avoiding in-person contact. After all, person-to-person networking was a crucial part of my client-generating activities. In late 2022, I logged into Meetup.com for the first time in a loooong time and was greeted by a banner from Meetup informing me that this group was destined to be taken down due to it not having an active organizer.

I looked at the numbers…887 members. It struck me as tragic that all those WordPress-interested folk were going to lose this group which was/is dedicated to offering a place where people needing WordPress help could connect with people who have WordPress expertise. So I took on the mantle (and expense) of leadership in our group. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve made some great connections with nice folk. Yes, of course, as a WordPress pro, this group allows me to offer my help to a wider audience of possible clients, but when we’re marketing our business, we must try to maintain an attitude of abundance rather than scarity. See other people who do what you do as possible allies, rather than competitors. Friendly competition can lead to beautiful friendships and that has been the case for me.

JOIN US! We’d love for you to RSVP and join us for an engaging discussion.

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