Fast Secure Contact Form Plugin Removed By WordPress Due To Serious Security Issue

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One of the most popular WordPress forms plugin, the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin (which has been the standard for all Brass Ring Multimedia websites for years) has been removed from WordPress’s favorable status and listing quite suddenly and unexpectedly. Unfortunately, this was due to the actions of a nefarious individual who recently purchased the plugin from its creator…a fine developer who created, supported and evolved it for many years.

We have been at risk since June when ownership changed. WordPress has now removed the plugin from its downloads and issued a “clean” version. The clean version will work for now, however, we will have to eventually replace the plugin. Make sure you have updated to version 4.0.56! Like I tell all my clients, it’s critical to keep your website updated.

Please contact me for help with this issue. I am offering a 50% discount to all Brass Ring Multimedia custom website clients who use this plugin and need help resolving this situation.


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You can more about what has happened HERE

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