Will the New Domain Extensions Negatively Impact Your SEO?

how-choose-purchase-doman-nameby Eric Siu

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Five years ago, there weren’t that many options when it came to domain name extensions. You could only register a domain with a .com, .org or .net extension — and good luck if the name you wanted was already in use! More recently, however, domain name registry companies have expanded the list of options, thanks to the growing demand for URLs.

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You now have dozens of other options for top-level domains, including .car, .business, and .app. And while it may be tempting to consider investing in one of these extensions in order to procure a premium name, it’s important to consider the impact such extensions will have on your website’s SEO before you do take that step.

Does using a new domain extension hurt your SEO?

The general consensus has been that .com, .edu and .org tend to rank the best in the search engines. Consequently, many SEOs have argued that using new domain name extensions is a bad idea because of the risk of damaging your search engine rankings.

However, there hasn’t been much research to corroborate this belief. Daniel Negari, CEO of .xyz — a domain registry operator that manages URLs with a variety of new extensions, such as .car, .auto and .theater — has expressed his belief that a lot of the hype about the problems with new top-level domains is inaccurate. Negari even set out to conduct his own case study to determine whether or not there was any truth to the claim.

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