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We’ve been dedicated to assisting San Diego and Southern California businesses owners with their online marketing since 1998. A San Diego web design firm that empowers clients to confidently use their websites as the hub of their marketing efforts.

We build an easy-to-use website that gets more leads. We help you identify and attract your ideal website visitors with content and strategies that convert them into clients. We include a marketing plan you can follow and include 1-on-1 training and coaching so you know how to keep traffic coming!



If your business website is pretty (or pretty ugly), but ineffective, let’s face it, you’re wasting time, passing up opportunities for new clients and leaving money on the table.

Sign up for a complimentary 30-minute consultation or website audit. Find out how our website build process, training & coaching help you raise your online marketing to a new level!

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Advanced Planning & A Plan You Can Follow

An Effective Website That Looks Great On A Wide Range of Devices

1-on-1 Training & Coaching So You Know What To Do & How To Do It

  • 135-point custom website process
  • URL & hosting consultation & set-up
  • Identify & target ideal audience(s)
  • Help identifying income possibilities
  • Analysis of industry & competition
  • Intuitive navigation planning
  • Strategies to convert visitors
  • Warranty for your peace-of-mind
  • Training specific to your needs
  • Coaching so you’re competent
  • Business-friendly pricing
  • Keyword research & planning
  • Email marketing so you stay in touch
  • Easy to follow & share on social
  • Google Analytics so you’re informed
  • Get found…SEO best-practices
  • Great plugins for security & optimal functionality
  • SSL certificate set-up
  • Malware protection
  • SPAM protection

Turn Your Website Into A Great 24/7 Sales Tool That Gets You More Customers

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Gold seal illustration | San Diego Web Design | Brass Ring Web Design


“Edward took a lot of initiative…he was very thorough. We now have a much more effective website…our annual income has increased by as much as 50% since the new website launched.”     

     – Michael Strong, Pres. La Jolla Cove Bridge Club, La Jolla, CA.

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Email List Management Strategies: Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels. For every dollar brands spend on email marketing, they average a return on investment of $36. Proper email list management is essential to maximizing your returns from email marketing.

Managing your email list correctly will help you improve the deliverability of your messages, increase engagement, and boost your conversion rate. It’s an absolute must for any brand using email marketing.

WordPress Web Help, Mon. July 8, 2024, 6pm PST, PRESENTATION: USING WORDPRESS AS AN ACTUAL CMS (Custom Posts & Fields)

PRESENTATION: Using WP as an Actual CMS: Understanding Custom posts & Custom fields (or: Or: How I Learned to Stop Making Pages & Embrace Custom Posts) by Brendan O’Connell

Custom posts, dynamic data, and queries require us to change how we think about website architecture. Solve client problems & scale websites with fewer headaches with low-code custom post type solutions. (Read on…)

I Started Taking a Walk Every Morning. Here’s What Happened to My Health

Ever since I’ve started walking every morning, I usually get 12k to 15k steps a day. Much better. The boost hasn’t come from my morning walk alone; that habit has also had the unintended benefit of getting me moving more in general. I’ll intermittently take 10-minute walking breaks during the day just because I like how it feels to walk. I also get…(Read more…)

The Clock is Ticking on Website Accessibility for Public Entities; Others Entities are on Notice

Given the explosion of website accessibility lawsuits in recent years, as a practical matter, the best defense is going to be mooting the claims. That means having processes in place by the Compliance Date to regularly detect and promptly correct WCAG 2.1, Level AA nonconformance and the ability to quickly show that any issue identified in a lawsuit has been corrected.

Compliance with these regulations requires high-level engagement by the CIO/IT, legal, finance and procurement, compliance and disability services… (Read more…)

FTC Chair Lina Khan (image)

U.S. Bans Noncompete Agreements For Nearly All Jobs

The Federal Trade Commission narrowly voted Tuesday to ban nearly all noncompetes, employment agreements that typically prevent workers from joining competing businesses or launching ones of their own…

…noncompetes are vital to companies, by allowing them to better guard trade secrets, and employees, by giving employers greater incentive to invest in workforce training and development. (Read on…)

Content Marketing Statistics for 2024

Businesses across various sectors recognize the value of content marketing in engaging with their audience, building brand awareness and driving sales, leading to more substantial investments in content marketing strategies and tools. This trend reflects the industry’s evolving role as a central component of digital marketing and its substantial contribution to the global marketing economy…(Read on…)

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (Image: keyboard w/disabled key)

Website Law Alert: What You Need to Know About the Updated Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

In October 2023, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)–an international organization that recommends and maintains web-related protocols, guidelines, and standards–adopted the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2, by elevating them to “Recommended” status. Web developers, individuals with accessibility issues, and U.S. courts all look to the WCAG Guidelines as industry standards for web accessibility… (Read on…)

How to Back Up Your WordPress Site

Backing up your WordPress site is a simple process. With just a few steps, you can ensure that all of your website’s content and settings are secure and easily restorable in the event of a system failure or other unexpected issues.

Why do I need to back up my WordPress website?
Backing up your website is essential for protecting against data loss in the event of a system failure, malicious attack, or other unexpected issue. With regular backups, you can be sure that all of your content and settings are secure and can be quickly restored in the event of a disaster.

(Read on…)

Small business working (Piloto 151 working on laptop)

The 5 Things Every Small Business Needs To Know Before Purchasing A Virtual Office

Virtual Offices have long been a convenient and cost-effective way for small business owners and digital nomads with flexible working arrangements to level up their online presence and lend additional credibility to their business. Most coworking spaces and flexible offices offer a convenient Virtual Office membership at affordable monthly prices, but their offerings cover a wide range of benefits and prices. It can be difficult to navigate the sea of the $44 billion global Virtual Office market that consistently bombards potential buyers with ads.
(Read more…)

Carl Jung art piece (cropped, by AgyGuru on DeviantArt)

Brand Archetypes

Brand Archetypes defined: Noted psychologist Carl Jung (pronounced: “yoong”) theorized that humans use symbolism to more easily understand complex concepts.

As a result of his research, Jung stated: “There are forms or images of a collective nature which occur practically all over the earth as constituents of myths and at the same time, as individual products of unconscious.”

In this work, Jung maintained that over the course of all time, for people, certain paths to greater understanding remain..(Read on…)

WordPress Web Help Group Hits 1000 Member Milestone!

Whether you’re just starting out with WordPress or consider yourself a seasoned pro, don’t hesitate to join us and contribute to the conversation.

Well…we’ve hit a pretty significant milestone. The WordPress Web Help Meetup Group just hit 1000 members! I want to thank all who’ve joined over the years and especially the core group of members who show up to answer questions and help those further back on the learning curve to get up to speed with this truly cool marketing platform. (Read on…)

Google GMail (image)

New Mass Gmail Rejections To Start April 2024, Google Says

Starting in April, senders of unwanted mass emails to Gmail users will begin to see message rejections increasing unless they abide by new Gmail email sender guidelines, Google warns.

New Rules For Sending Mass Email To Gmail Accounts
As an article I published on Forbes on last Tuesday made clear, new rules are coming into place to protect Gmail users from unwanted mass emails. At the time, it was reported that some senders of mass marketing emails had started to receive error messages relating to some messages sent to Gmail accounts. (Read on…)