The Brass Ring Marketing System – SPECIAL OFFER!

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Frustrated with your Website? Fails with D.I.Y. site builders? HERE’S THE ANSWER!
Great for DIY’ers! Not just a website, but a turn-key small business marketing solution.

Here’s The Thing: You Should Spend Your Time On Your Business, Not Struggling To Learn Web Design!

So many of our clients come to us after suffering frustration trying to build their own site, or perhaps working with a web designer with no real understanding of marketing strategy. That’s why we put together this great marketing product to give DIY’ers the cost savings while providing tons of guidance.

We build the great site and then train YOU how to use it well to manage your content…along with email marketing, social media and more…the things you ought to be doing to ensure that traffic is getting to your website once it is built. You still get to save money, but YOU’RE UP TO SPEED SO MUCH FASTER! And you’re not alone.

Your job is to spend time getting better at what you do and serving your clients better. Remember this: effective website design includes a LOT of disciplines: marketing analysis & planning, graphic design, sales funnels, layout, navigation design and much more. It’s not just basic information and pretty pictures.

Thanks for reading this post and Brass Ring also thanks those whose content is shared here on our website. We present it in order to pass on their knowledge to our small business clients so it can help them remain informed, healthy and growing their businesses. Please bookmark our site, subscribe to our newsletter and come back for more marketing, small business & WordPress tips, advice, tools & news! - Edward A. Sanchez

  • Advanced Marketing Analysis, Planning & A Plan You Can Follow
    Most website developers (and NO DIY tools) do the footwork to ask the important questions to understand your business and goals…we do. We also look at your industry and the successful players in that industry so your website can emulate what works…to win, follow the winners. And, you need to know what to do AFTER the site launches to keep the site relevant and attracting visitors, so we tailor a maintenance and marketing plan you can follow.
  • Social Media Review & Coordination
    The focal point of your marketing strategy is your website, serving as the central hub. Meanwhile, platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram act as channels or “spokes,” guiding traffic towards your website. As a key part of this system, we review your social media accounts and ensure that your branding and message is consistent in order to create a steady reinforcement of what makes your business special and unique.
  • An Effective Website That Looks Great On A Wide Range of Devices
    We start by making sure your website is safe and secure…automatically backing up for your peace of mind. A great, modern WordPress website that is responsive for multi-platform effectiveness. That uses best SEO practices and includes a powerful SEO tool so you can influence the search engines in order to maximize your ranking online.
  • 1-on-1 Training & Coaching So You’re Competent and Confident…You’re Not Alone
    We don’t abandon you when your site is built. We train you to perform the tasks needed to keep your site relevant and bringing in traffic. We remain available for ongoing coaching so you can reinforce your training and ask questions…no additional charge.

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