NEW SITE! Phillip’s Hobbies Website Design ($397 Brass Ring Multimedia WordPress Special!)

WordPress website design for Phillip Huston, one of Southern California premiere model building authorities. His business, Phillip’s Hobbies in Lakeside, California offers everything the plastic modeling enthusiast could need to pursue his hobby: kits, tools, paints, books and other useful resources, including Phillip himself!

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Phillip had a problem, however, his website’s archaic design and his inability to update and maintain it. Phillip’s “old” website had been languishing unattended as do so many small business sites and was a perfect candidate for the control and flexibility the WordPress platform offers.

Bringing WordPress website design to Phillip’s Hobbies puts new power in Phillip’s hands. It’s been a pleasure working with Phillip and I greatly look forward to being part of his business’s revival and success in 2012 and beyond!

Phillip's Hobbies WordPress website design ($397 WordPress Special)

OLD BEFORE $397 WordPress Special

OLD BEFORE $397 WordPress Special


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