NEW SITE! Gusto Ramblings Website($397 WordPress Special)

WordPress website design for I first worked with Gus Rowe when I provided WordPress consultation on a website design project for an organization known as Wise Widowed Parents, a group dedicated to helping surviving parents and families dealing with the tragic loss of a loved one.

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For some time, Gus has had a successful blog ( and Facebook page where he shares and offers experience, strength and hope to individuals and families dealing with difficult life challenges.

Gus’s Wise Widowed Parents experience with WordPress convinced him that it was time to upgrade his website from to the WordPress platform and I’m glad to say he sought me out again. We really raised the bar on what Gus can do and offer with the power of WordPress in his hands. This is a great example of how my WordPress installation and training can really help a single individual present himself on the web much more powerfully and effectively. I’m looking forward to seeing where goes now that it has WordPress behind it! HOME page design (Brass Ring Multimedia WordPress Special)

OLD (BEFORE $397 WordPress Special)

OLD before WordPress

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