New WordPress Website! San Diego-Yantai Friendship Society (SisterCIty Program)

Many of us are unaware of let alone involved with the Sister City program. Maybe I can help change that for you with the help of my friends at San Diego – Yantai Friendship Society.

A sister city is a city in a foreign country with whom one’s city shares similar characteristics which is the basis for and entry into a formal cultural exchange and friendship. San Diego, in fact, has 16 sister cities. It’s a great idea and I’m honored to be involved with this project which helps connect us with our sister city of Yantai, China.

The Society came to me for help as a San Diego WordPress specialist/trainer/coach. For some time, they’d had an archaic site that was uninteresting and unengaging. It didn’t serve their members or visitors. They couldn’t make changes to it. Add to that the fact that it was insecure. (As a matter of fact, though not working on the “old site,” I was called to respond when they were hacked not long after starting our project.)

I hope for a long and fruitful relationship helping the members and directors of San Diego – Yantai Friendship Society continue to extend friendly hands to our neighbors in China.San Diego - Yantai Friendship Society WordPress website by Brass Ring Multimedia

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