New WordPress Website! iPay Consulting

Kevin Tavares, partner in iPay Consulting, San Diego Division, is a longtime friend. His company, iPay Consulting, a leading San Diego credit card processing consulting firm, specializes in saving people money and simplifying their business efforts by analyzing and streamlining their payment processing (credit cards, etc.) using the latest technology. Kevin wanted to take advantage of the power of WordPress and he turned to me to help him hit the ground running with his (first) WordPress site. There’ll be more, I’m certain.

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We’ve just launched the result of a great collaboration (see below) and, having just trained Kevin in WordPress, during which there was much brainstorming and discussion, I know the site is in capable hands. Kevin’s a bright, capable guy for whom WordPress will be a mighty tool in conveying his drive, energy and creativity into marketing success. It’s always exciting for me to see talent meet technology. I look forward to watching Kevin, experienced in website design and development, take control of his online marketing with an ease and power he’s never had before. It’ll be fun to watch.

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