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Jessica J. Johnson,

Jessica J. Johnson

As a single dad who has raised a wonderful daughter, I have more experience than most guys at being a Mom! Though incredibly rewarding, it can also be quite challenging. Brass Ring Multimedia’s latest WordPress website design, the Mommy Chic by Jessica Blog , is a great resource for Moms and it’s here to offer help, information and fun.

Thanks for reading this post and Brass Ring also thanks those whose content is shared here on our website. We present it in order to pass on their knowledge to our small business clients so it can help them remain informed, healthy and growing their businesses. Please bookmark our site, subscribe to our newsletter and come back for more marketing, small business & WordPress tips, advice, tools & news! - Edward A. Sanchez

Jessica J. Johnson is a fashion stylist (and much more) who brings her passion and experience being a fashionable Mom to a great new blog where she offers advice, styling tips, information on great products and all kinds of valuable resources for Moms who are looking to be great Moms and want to look great doing it!

Thanks go to Derrick Williams at DW Printworks, friend, Rotarian (I’m the website developer & coordinator for Rotary Club of La Jolla) and fellow La Jollan. He’s regularly “putting people together” and put me in touch with a Emily Heitman of Box Creative Agency, a branding firm with whom I worked to put together Jessica’s blog. I look forward to future WordPress website design projects with Box Creative.

Emily brought me a very clear vision of what she and Jessica visualized as the look, feel and functionality of the Mommy Chic Blog. She knew that Jessica needed the power of WordPress, the greatest content management system (CMS) going in order to be able to blog and market easily and effectively. The development process has been an enjoyable one for me. Emily’s a sharp lady with a great sense of aesthetic, is very detail-oriented and has great ability in realizing her client’s vision, especially important as the client, Jessica, is a creative professional herself with demanding standards.

Jessica and Emily’s plan also includes strong ongoing marketing of Mommy Chic, featuring affiliate marketing and vigorous social media participation. WordPress website design offers flexibility and an enormous development community. This great website platform assures Jessica that whatever features she will need to offer greater benefit to visitors and potential clients while continuing to build her business will be available. Further, they’ll be user-friendly and cost-effective.

Brass Ring Multimedia will be providing training, coaching and technical assistance and I look forward to helping Emily and Jessica create and grow something really great.

Whether you’re a Mom or know one who would benefit from Jessica’s impeccable fashion sense, experience and fun attitude, visit the Mommy Chic Blog HERE where you can sign up for news & updates, ask questions and hire Jessica personally so she can guide you one-on-one.

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