New Fun and Rewarding Resources Pages on Brass Ring Multimedia Website

Cool DudeThe internet is awesome…sometimes not so great, but it has some pretty amazing stuff on it.

I’ve just activated a couple of pages in my Free Resources area. I like to offer things that have helped, inspired or made me say “woah,” in the spirit of helping others succeed and grow, so the following two pages are new.

I’ve included fun stuff and, most importantly, opportunities to “give back.” Service ought to be part of your business plan. The rewards are practical and tangible…you’ll see.

Check out these new pages on my website

– Edward

The Best of the Internet – Stuff that makes us glad the internet is much more than “just a tool.” Impressive, cool, fun, feel good, entertaining and “woah” links ahead.

A Better World, A Better You – Opportunities to “give back,” be of service and gain tremendous benefits.

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