CUSTOM Branded Business Cards (Same Look/Feel As Your Website) – NEW!

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Business Card Options


So…Brass Ring Multimedia does business cards now?! (Actually, have for years.) The business card remains a powerful tool (especially so when used properly and creatively) to make an impression, convey professionalism, drive traffic to our websites, serve as “mini-billboards” to advertise us, our products and services. If you ever get a chance, in fact, pick up a copy of Bob Popyk’s book: Here’s My Card: How to Network Using Your Business Card to Actually Create More Business, an excellent book I re-read recently, if you really want to look at the humble business card in exciting new ways to take your personal interactions to a whole new level.

Boomer DJs Business Card design by Brass Ring MultimediaSo…why am I just NOW getting serious about business cards from a design & marketing standpoint? Can’t say, except I don’t always take my own advice. A term I use regularly is “creative vigilance.” As a global term, this means to be on one’s toes and receptive to the opportunities life sends at us every day. In terms of marketing & business, it means specifically to be on the lookout for the chances to add to one’s income stream by providing useful service and products to people who need them!

I’ve been creating websites since 1998. From time to time, my clients have asked me to put together their business cards to mimic the look and feel they love from their websites. I’ve done them as “special requests” for special customers. Thing is, they always love them and I always love the results myself. They’re fun for me.

When you purchase a website from me, one of the extras you can add is custom designed “branded” business cards that will help you build your brand and that is the name of the game in any marketing effort.

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