Video Marketing In The Age Of Constant Content: How To Make An Impact

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With TikTok accounts, Instagram Reels and beyond, the age of video content is now. How often do you see a video ad pop up on your social media while browsing your preferred platforms? You might not even process the advertisements anymore and keep scrolling.

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A video ad likely catches your attention every once in a while, but why? Was it the coloring, a funny intro or something that was relevant to your niche interest?

In the age of constant content, it can be easy to turn off your brain while perusing Twitter or catching up on community drama via Facebook. However, actively observing how ads attract you and what other marketers are doing in your industry is vital to sustaining a winning video marketing strategy. What are other successful campaigns doing, and how can you take what they’re doing and make it better?

Consider reevaluating your current strategy. It might be time to reassess your process, as no digital marketing solution is a one-and-done deal. Digital marketing is about creativity in constant improvement and how to stay one step ahead of the game.

It’s easy to get lost in the game of data collation, goal completions and lead generation and inadvertently lose sight of what attracts people to your video content in the first place. In analyzing your past campaigns and planning new strategies, sometimes it’s important to go back to basic video marketing tips.

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Review your target demographics.

How long do you let a YouTube advertisement play before clicking “Skip”? Many people skip ads when they can. In my experience, a common answer as to why this happens is that, often, the advertisement was not relevant to that person’s interests. If you’ve noticed a downward trend in your video ad success, reevaluate your personas. Have your services or product focus shifted? Did something happen outside of your control that might skew how people shopped for what you have to offer?

You can’t impact an audience who isn’t interested in what you have to give. Starting here will likely help you alter the trajectory of your video strategies.

When you get lost in the data, it can be easy to lose sight of what actually sways potential clients to use your services: connection.

Unless you’re in a supreme niche market, there will always be another option or competitor that, on paper, offers the same things your company does. One of many ways to stand out is to produce content that radiates authenticity, reflects your company’s voice and tells a story. Focus less on pushing sales and more on building a rapport with your audience. Video advertisements are about making connections and communicating with your target demographics.

No one wants to be told too directly to buy something. Rather, appeal to their interests and values by showcasing what epitomizes your business.

Have a purpose and think outside the box.

As you develop your content calendar, put a lot of emphasis on the purpose of each video. What do you hope to accomplish? Be as specific as possible.

Some people might be prone to waiving these suggestions with a vague, “Well, obviously, the purpose is to gain leads.” While this is the overarching goal, it’s important to whittle down how that happens by better defining the intent behind each video. Do you want to build trust, bring awareness to a promotion or spread your branding message? When you succeed in accomplishing your purpose, lead generation follows through.

As you’re brainstorming, another thing to consider is staying true to your branding and voice while featuring unique content. Be willing to take risks. You’ll never know what kind of success awaits unless you take a leap of faith.

Successful video marketing thrives on constant improvement.

A digital marketer’s work is never done. There will always be data to review, collate and analyze, as well as changes to make based on your findings. If your video strategies aren’t evolving or always working toward a solution, whether on a macro or micro level, you will inevitably fall behind. Maintaining a constant improvement mindset is crucial to how you conduct research and make observations.

Embrace your creativity and values, and apply them to everything you’ve noticed and analyzed. Your next successful video marketing campaign is right around the corner.

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