NEW SITE! ThermarT WordPress website design

WordPress is a great platform. Using a content management system is the best way to present content! (Who knew?) Seriously, a CMS truly makes a website dynamic and provides the visitor an intuitive, custom visit while offering the owner great control, responsive marketing capabilities and search engine friendliness.

Thanks for reading this post and Brass Ring also thanks those whose content is shared here on our website. We present it in order to pass on their knowledge to our small business clients so it can help them remain informed, healthy and growing their businesses. Please bookmark our site, subscribe to our newsletter and come back for more marketing, small business & WordPress tips, advice, tools & news! - Edward A. Sanchez

This site for ThermarT was already built, with a default WordPress theme in place, this having been done by another individual. It was essentially one long page, with WordPress mostly at default status and was thus doing neither the client nor HIS clients much good. WordPress makes it relatively easy to put up a site…making it effective, different story.

Through conversations with the client, finding out what he had intended, who he was targeting, the materials he had available and his personal stylistic preferences, we were able to substantially increase the appeal and effectiveness of ThermarT’s website, at an extremely low price. We are now taking better advantage of some of WordPress’s functionality to present the client’s materials in a more organized, effective manner.

Through training and coaching, he will have the ability to keep his site current and up to date. Of course, Brass Ring Multimedia will be available should the owner need further services.

ThermarT WordPress website design ($397 WordPress Special)


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