Meetup: Brass Ring CEO Takes Over As Organizer for WordPress Web Help Group

As the “Pandemic Years” more or less leave us and everyone struggles to return to (dare I say it?) “normalcy,” one dearly-missed aspect of normal life I’ve found myself missing is face-to-face networking.

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By Edward A. Sanchez
Brass Ring Web Design

Many of us, me included have used as a great way of connecting with a myriad of people with endless interests. It can be a great way to be social, meet new folk, learn new skills, including business topics, create friendly alliances and overall use online networking in tremendous ways. As with so many things, a lot of the in-person activities either went away during the great COVID crisis…or moved onto Zoom or a number of other video conferencing platforms.

I recently have been starting to revisit the Meetup app and their website in order to reignite my own in-person (and virtual…ain’t giving those up…they’re here to stay) gatherings for social and business purposes.

Upon viewing my list of groups (a couple of dozen or so), a banner informed me that one of my groups, “WordPress Web Help” was going to close permanently in a few weeks if no one stepped up to replace the organizer who had, evidently, stepped away for unknown, yet predictable reasons during pandemic.

Now, this is a group dedicated to being “a friendly and easy way for folks to get help with their WordPress website where we can share questions and answers, make progress on your ideas or goals, and have fun in the process.”

Prior to COVID, This robust and active group on Meetup was boasted and still contains almost 900 members here in San Diego and had enjoyed 20 events. Unfortunately, the last one was February of 2020…right before the world came to a screeching halt.

So…long story short (too late?), I have stepped up and assumed the role of Organizer for the group. I’ve sent out a message to the membership and have scheduled our first event since February 4, 2020. This will be a “get reacquainted” and talk about the future of the group moving forward.

I invite any WordPress site owner and/or developer to join us and be part of the group conscience that will guide the direction of this great group. We’ll be meeting on Zoom, October 12, 6pm, PST for 90 minutes. You can sign up HERE…there’s no cost and all are welcome!

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