La Jolla Surf Legend Tom Lochtefeld Announces Wave Loch’s involvement in The Wave, Bristol (UK)


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One of the coolest project’s you’ll come across this year has just been announced. Brass Ring Multimedia WordPress client Wave Loch, who represent the “bleeding edge” of surfing wave technology have revealed their involvement in an exciting new project called “The Wave” in Bristol, UK.

The-Wave-Bristol-girl_b_1920pxSurfers of the world…pay attention…what this means is that you can add farmland in Britain (what?!) to your list of must-visit world-class surf spots. Incredible? Yes…yet no less can be expected from a company founded by surf industry legend Tom Lochtefeld from my hometown of La Jolla who has consistently led the charge and continually pushed the envelope of what can be achieved by marrying high technology and the sport of surfing.

Wave Loch’s SurfPool™ product, which creates the largest and most frequent waves of any surf machine will be providing the driving engine for this great new wave attraction.

For more on this story, please visit Wave Loch’s Wave Bristol page.

The Wave - Bristol Masterplan Details, click image to visit Wave Loch's page on this amazing project for more.

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