NEW SITE! Heartland Harvest Website Design($397 WordPress Special)

Heartland Harvest is the latest WordPress website design by Brass Ring Multimedia. Already a client, Pamela Leathers, “The Grain Lady,” sells healthy and easy to prepare meals perfect for busy families of four wishing to feed the entire family with 100% pure tasty meals.

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Pamela needed an e-commerce site which she could control; stark contrast and replacement for her “old” site, an archaic, problematic and visually unexciting “Zen Cart” based website which did little to attract attention, engage and compel visitors and did little in terms of sales. Using the power of WordPress, a number of shopping cart solutions, including the WP e-commerce plugin which she chose to add sales functionality to her website.

Heartland Harvest (WordPress Special)

Heartland Harvest, old Zen-cart website

Heartland Harvest, “old” website



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