100 WordPress Influencers To Follow In 2016

wordpress_100-influencers by Syed Waseem Abbas

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Last year, I wrote a post on 100 WordPress influencers to follow in 2015. The list was based off who I followed before 2015. All of them, in some way or another, work to improve the WordPress community. I had the pleasure of interviewing many of them over the year.

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Several commenters shared their own lists of influencers and recommendations of WordPressers to follow. I connected and followed many of these people in 2015. I also followed some hidden gems in the WordPress community who are contributing to WordPress with their amazing products and services.

2015 was a great year for WordPress community, filled with several milestones:

  1. WordPress is used on more than 25 percent of the Internet.
  2. 2015 saw four major releases.
  3. Automattic acquired WooThemes.
  4. WordCamp US became the largest WordPress event with over 1800 attendees from all over the world and even more live streaming the event.

I’m here again with a new list of 100 influencers to follow in 2016. This list comprises people who are working to improve the WordPress community and is not necessarily a collection of the most influential people involved with WordPress.

Let’s take a look at 100 WordPress influencers to follow in 2016.

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