33 Fitness Tips For Busy People

Fitness for busy people...sprinting. (Image)

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Staying on top of your fitness can be tricky. We all know it’s great for body and mind, releasing endorphins and boosting our confidence and self-esteem. But, it can also take up precious time. When it comes to work, family and season 2 of The Bear, who has time for that 7 am circuit class? Or that Sunday morning spin session?

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To help you not only make those classes but include fitness hacks in your everyday life, we’ve put together the ultimate list of fitness tips.

Ultimately, it’s mostly about planning – something we celebrate with our new Weekly Fitness Planner (coming soon), which will help you track your workouts, fitness habits, and meals like a pro.

So, to motivate you to up your fitness game this month, here are our pick’ n’ mix fitness tips to help you achieve your best, even when you’re busy.

1. Sneak Exercise

You might not have time to run 5k this morning. But you can probably walk around the corner to get a coffee at lunch instead of making one in the work kitchen, right? All of these little steps add up, as do things like squatting while brushing your teeth or waiting for the kettle to boil.

2. Take It Slow

PT Matt Roberts says that working out intensely (say, as part of a new fitness goal) will only lead to burnout. Work in slower recovery days and steady state (low intensity) exercises alongside HIIT and the sweatier stuff to hit the sweet spot.

3. Be Efficient

Short and hard workouts take up less time, but a 2015 study found that longer, slower workouts can be just as beneficial. If you’re short on time, maybe opt for the former. If you need to decompress after a hard day, the latter can be a sound choice.

4. Use Your Lunch Break

Bring a sandwich with you and eat it at your desk, using your hour’s break to get out for a run, visit a nearby gym, or even a long walk. All of it helps – and will be better for your back – than remaining desk-bound.

5. Give Yourself The Best Chance

Set aside a specific drawer for your workout gear, and keep your water bottle and shoes in the same place. That way, they’ll be exactly where you need them. Laying everything out before you go to sleep can give you one less reason to ditch your morning run, too.

6. Utilise Downtime

Guess what? Even professional athletes get injured. You’ll likely need time on the bench for injury or illness too. Instead of getting frustrated, factor in some downtime and use it wisely. Seek a specialist if needed, and plan your come-back, including what you might do to prevent future injuries.

7. Treat Yourself

Plan ahead by building in rewards. Maybe it’s your favourite meal when you’ve mastered a new PB. Or perhaps it’s just investing in a delicious protein flavour for your shake to boost your palate when sticking to a meal plan.

8. Use Bodyweight

If you don’t have time to get to the gym or have no equipment to hand (maybe you’re travelling for work or on holiday), invest in some bodyweight routines. The benefits are well documented. Can’t do press-ups? Start on your knees and build it up from there.

9. Plan, Plan, Plan

Only a superhuman can force themselves to work out every day. But planning your workout schedule will mean you’re more likely to stick to it. If Wednesday equals yoga, great. You don’t have to think about it; you can grab your gear and go. It’s also worth remembering that schedules change, and that’s ok. If this happens, try to adapt rather than skip altogether.

10. Drink Water

Do you really drink enough? Water not only helps our bodies function but is proven to keep us mentally sharp, too. If you aren’t sipping throughout the day, how will you have the energy to work out post-work, too?

11. Zip In And Out

Celebrities spend hours in the gym each day. Who has time for that? Compound exercises like deadlifts, squats, bench presses and cleans are proven to give you the most bang for your buck, scorching calories in the gym and hours afterwards. Meaning you don’t need to be in there all day. 

12. Get Your Head Down

Sleep is vital for recovery. When we’re already tired, late-night or early-morning gym sessions might be a false economy. Sometimes, we really do need extra time…

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