New Website! Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society (OTS) WordPress website project

Say that three times fast? OTS is an association of scientific minds from throughout the globe. Though I am hardly the one who ought to be explaining it, the best I can say for the lay person is that they are to genetic research what the developers of antibiotics were to their fight against illness.

This project was a bit different for me as I was brought in as a WordPress website design consultant to solve a very specific problem. Whereas WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool which puts control of a website in the hands of individuals who may not have specific web or graphic design skills, this website design was configured in such a way (along with part of it “farmed out” to an India-based developer) that the folks who maintained and updated the website did not have access to the site in the conventional sense. That is the exact opposite of what I do.

It was my job to put “the power of WordPress” truly in their hands as their previous developer hadn’t. A significant amount of my business, in fact, consists of helping people who HAVE WordPress to get a handle on it and use it to their (and their clients’) best use and benefit.

My solution…as often is the case…was to select a better (and user-friendlier) theme…one from a reputable source (, from a reputable designer who supports and keeps up with WordPress’s evolution so that their theme doesn’t become archaic, useless or problematic, as OTS’s “custom” theme had become.

OTS WordPress Website

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