New Chrome Browser Extension Enables One-Click Plugin and Theme Testing with WordPress Playground

Gutenberg / Twenty Twenty-Three Theme (image)

By Sarah Gooding – You may find this article in its entirety HERE on WP Tavern’s website.

WordPress Playground, an experimental project that uses WebAssembly (WASM) to run WordPress in the browser, makes it possible for users to quickly test plugins and themes without having to set up a local development environment.

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Ordinarily, testing a plugin or theme with Playground requires visiting, which will instantly create a real WordPress instance with admin access without having to install PHP, MySQL, or Apache. It runs inside the browser using a SQLite database. Adding a plugin or theme to the instance is as easy as appending the slug to the URL when creating the test site:

A new Chrome browser extension, created by LUBUS, a development agency, makes this even easier by adding a “Playground” button to theme and plugin pages on Users can fire up a sandbox instance to test drive a theme or plugin in just one click.

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