Hewlett-Packard “Cash Faucet” Digital Image Creation Project

Brass Ring Multimedia design: "Cash Faucet" image created for Hewlett-Packard Consulting DivisionA friend of mine who runs technology giant Hewlett-Packard‘s business IT solutions division approached me wanting to create an ad campaign which featured his idea of a “cash faucet.” He wanted me to help him convey as a metaphor the idea that his division could create cash flow for his customers. This image was the result.

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The image was revealed at a Hewlett-Packard National Managers Symposium back east and received “oohs and ahs” when projected HUGE on a screen in the presentation hall. As a result, they purchased additional rights to the image for use in additional promotional pieces and HP’s intranet website. (Not a bad way to start off a career as a professional designer if I do say so.)