Bill Calhoun Mobile Music Offers Excellence In DJ Services to San Diego!

calhoun_home_LAUNCH_11-19-2014Brass Ring client, friend and long time mentor, Bill Calhoun, DJ / MC has been making special events great throughout San Diego and Southern California for many years. In fact, years ago, Bill helped launch my own ongoing career as a DJ/MC (Brass Ring is my “day job”). Bill was my first boss and teacher. He was an exceptional employer and continues to be an excellent DJ/MC, especially in his specialty, weddings. You should just read his testimonials from happy brides and grooms! (In fact, you can do that HERE and see the actual notes his clients have sent him)

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We’ve remained friendly for many years, though, it was only recently that our paths began to cross once again and I was very pleased at the opportunity to help Bill with his online marketing. Bill’s existing site had been created some years ago and he needed help in raising his online game.

Bill Calhoun Mobile Music,

Photo by Jenna Peterson

While maintaining Bill’s existing branding and feel of his previous site, I brought  that look into a brand new WordPress website and have placed the power of that leading content management system (CMS) at Bill’s fingertips. He is then able to coordinate his social media, print and other marketing efforts with great content on the website. That is the heart of what I and Brass Ring Multimedia do. WordPress is by the far the best and favorite, particularly among small business owners and entrepreneurs who need a powerful website with many features and the easy ability to add content and even more features as needed.

With this great new website (visit the site here) as the hub of Bill’s online marketing efforts, I’m confident that he’ll be able to take his business to new heights. His animated billboards say it best:

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