Need Answers to Your Tech Questions? Ask “Dr. Dimension” on HOT MIX 106 (online radio) home page imageA while back, my buddy Steve Kramer, computer tech & laptop specialist, told me about his new radio show (not so new anymore…he’s been doing it for some time now). He’s on (an online radio station offering a variety of content) and goes by the moniker “Dr. Dimension.” Steve features  useful news on the tech scene as well as providing answers to listeners’ emails. He provides help to his fan’s needs running the gamut from security issues to extracting discs stuck in their laptop drives.  He also plays some pretty cool and diverse music to break up his tech-talk. It’s  a pretty good blend of useful information and tunes. As a “fellow DJ” as well as a techie, I can vouch he does a pretty good job!

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Check him out at Tuesdays from 3-4pm and Thursdays 11:30AM to 12:30PM. You can always visit his website: (oh, and before you ask…yes, I’ve got my sights set on Steve as a great candidate for a $397 WordPress Special make-over!)

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