WordPress Maintenance

WordPress, Theme & Plugin Updates

Just one of the reasons the world loves WordPress is because of the robust development community which exists. A ton of themes and plugins exist to add cool styling and useful functionality to WordPress to satisfy users’ needs. As technology moves forward and (sigh) also as hackers and spammers make life tough for all of us, WordPress and other excellent development teams respond by issuing updates for a variety of reasons.

They’re usually adding new features, but they also find and fix bugs in their code or repair a security flaw. Security issues are the most important changes because not applying them can leave your website vulnerable to dark forces on the web. These evil-doers are at work to exploit website weakness.

We make sure your theme and plugins are kept update for your safety and peace-of-mind.

*Scheduled Site Backups

It’s always recommended that prior to making any important changes to your website like updating WordPress that a back-up of your website files and database are created to ensure that, were anything to go wrong, your website can be restored. Hosting companies typically back-up files on a daily basis, but don’t necessarily do the same for your database files. Your database is the heart of your website so it’s important that it be backed up as well.

We always recommend that automatic back-ups be installed, enabled and scheduled on your WordPress website. All Brass Ring website builds come complete with auto-backup functionality.

Talk to us about adding automatic back-up capability to your WordPress website.

**Security Monitoring & Cleanup

As you’ve noticed from prominent news stories, security breaches in major computer systems and hacker activity has affected the security and safety of countless individuals throughout the world. Brass Ring websites include security protection and anti-spam features to keep our clients safe.

Talk to us about your website’s security if you’d like to increase your peace-of-mind. We can review your site’s status and discuss your best options for securing it.

SSL Certificate Encryption

It used to be that only people conducting online transactions on their websites, like eCommerce site owners, were encouraged to get an SSL certificate. Now, due to security concerns globally, all websites would do well to add one. An SSL encrypts all traffic from your website to your web server. This protects sensitive data from being hacked and revealing personal and other important information, like credit and debit card numbers to the prying eyes that lurk under rocks throughout the web.

In 2014, Google announced something big…they were now going to factor in SSL certificates in their rankings criterion. This meant that not having an SSL could affect one’s ability to pop up in search results on Google. Recently, they’ve let us know (and we’re already seeing it) that any websites not using SSL encryption would be prominently marked as “not secure” in the Chrome browser. (Which just happens to be, by far, the most popular browser…on the planet.)

We’re happy to help you add SSL encryption to your website.