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Small business people…we’re entrepreneurs, employees, parents, citizens and a lot of other things. Fundamentally, and right from birth, however, we are human beings and as such, each possess a body, mind and spirit which make up “who and what we are.” Business success and personal achievement of any sort is to no avail if we don’t take care of ourselves.

This page offers some resources I’ve come across to take care of myself and grow within my various roles…I hope it’s useful to you as well.

– Edward A. Sanchez


October 18, 2013 I sat across from a doctor who diagnosed me with Type 2 Diabetes & high blood pressure. (He also used the words “ticking time bomb) He told me to “get educated” about food and I immediately discovered the book: “It Starts With Food – Discover the Whole30 and change your life in unexpected ways” by Dallas & Mellisa Hartwig on Amazon. Based on tons of reader comments & reviews (800 5 star ratings then, 3500 1 year later) I bought the book, read it, bought my teen daughter her own copy and a year later our life is completely changed. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle that is easy to understand, DOABLE and, sustainable. A year later, my blood glucose is in the normal range, I’ve lost almost 40 lbs and (along with exercise, rest & stress management) feel in the best shape of my life. Whole 9 is about 9 factors that make up a healthy lifestyle. Great stuff…

DailyOM (Nurturing Mind, Body & Spirit)

A community, market place and resources pertaining to mind, body & spirit. You can purchase all sorts of courses to improve your life. What’s really neat is that they charge on a sliding scale based on your ability to pay. (Don’t pay $5 if you’re able to pay more…Kharma, people!) My personal fav has been Dan Millman’s 4-Minute Peaceful Warrior Workout which I like to do twice a day, at rising & as mid-afternoon “boost.” Quick, easy & incorporates yoga, stretching movement, etc. to help keep me awake, balanced & flexible.

Here’s a sample:

Spices That Heal