TIME & MONEY SAVINGS – Ways we speed up and simplify the process of establishing your online presence. Delay is increasingly expensive in this day and age!


  • No more procrastination – Are you waiting to “get around to” building or upgrading your website?
  • No more archaic technology – Was your website built years ago?
    • Old websites are often ineffective – The internet is an extremely dynamic environment. If your site isn’t current…you’re wasting money!
    • Old websites often stop working as designed – Old code becomes depracated as commands stop working.
    • Old websites are SECURITY risks! – We specialize in content management system (CMS) websites which offer regular FREE security updates!
  • Personal assistance – You will be guided one-on-one. It won’t be a different minimum wage earner every time you call in. And we’re located here in San Diego, California…in the USA. We don’t outsource overseas! Being here and being accountable means peace of mind for you. No disrespect to call center workers in New Delhi, but we’re here for you! We’re here to smooth out the bumps, explain what you need to know, help you making key decisions, planning & goal setting. We’ll do the “heavy lifting” while you work on your business…that’s where you’re most needed.


  • Asking the right questions BEFORE we build your website – We have the experience to help you build an EFFECTIVE website. This means we help you plan effectively by considering and helping you convey your business, your plans, your goals. This means your website serves your visitors and makes you money!
  • Designing your website’s structure – We know how to configure your site optimally.
  • Designing your website’s navigation – Effective navigation caters to your visitor’s needs & wants
  • Considering your website’s effectiveness on Search Engines (SEO) – If no one finds your website…your efforts and expense are wasted!
  • What are your website’s goals – This is where many website designs fail…especially those cheap or free “web-builders.” An effective website design includes achieving goals and tracking those goals! We help you set and achieve goals online!


  • Help selecting hosting – There are many hosting companies, many plans, many price levels. Our guidance saves you time & trouble!
  • Work with hosting on your behalf – Unless you’re web-savvy, this can be a confusing for many people. Let us save you the hassle!
  • Help choosing a domain name (URL) – There’s much more to choosing an effective domain than you think. Our guidance can mean a world of difference in your website’s effectiveness, especially with search engines.
  • Installation of WordPress
    • Set-up of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) –
    • Set-up databases – An integral part of dynamic websites. Well beyond what most people can or are willing to deal with.
  • Choosing the right theme – WordPress offers a lot in terms of development. Many great ones…lots of not-so-great or archaic ones. We can help you choose one that won’t be or become a liability.
  • Choosing the right functionality – There are many great apps (called plug-ins) in the WordPress world. Like themes, there are many plug-ins out there. Guidance picking the right ones for your needs means your website will do what your clients need it to do.


  • FREE Training & Coaching – Included with every website package. Taking advantage of this allows you to know how to maintain and update your site.
  • We’re always there for you! – If you need us for anything in the future: updates, maintenance, graphic design, copywriting…anything to make your website work better for you and save you time you need to work on your business…we’re a phone call away!